About Us

Lok Sahbhagi Sansthan (LSS), or Public Participatory Institution, is a non-governmental organization registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. With its head office based at the village Khora, Shahpura, Jaipur, it started working primarily in the fields of technology dissemination, education, microfinance and natural resource management from 2010.

Our model is based on the Hindi phrase, "apni shakti," or "your own strength."  All our activities are centered around the idea that given the chance, communities will create opportunities and solutions for themselves.  Our role is to provide a forum and structure to make discussion, education, and problem solving possible.

LSS aims to sensitize and encourage people, especially youths, to go to schools and provide venues where they can learn how to handle and do work on computers efficiently. The goal is to open up new venues of livelihoods for them and thereby pick up the pace of their developmental process. Different centers for free computer education have been set up in the villages and are currently providing rural computer education.

LSS also aims to expand the economic opportunities available to villagers, and especially village women, through microfinance groups. By taking out small-scale loans that can be used to purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock, necessary medicines, etc. the villagers can improve their economic output and build a positive cycle of economic growth that will improve their quality of life. Additionally, for women these groups serve as a vital mechanism of empowerment in all spheres of their lives.

Given that Rajasthan is a desert state with frequent droughts and problems with environmental degradation due to overpopulation and mismanagement, LSS has also chosen to focus on natural resource management as another main area of work. Although this work has not yet started due to focusing on our other primary areas of work, we plan on being quite active in the areas of watershed management and forest preservation in the years to come. We want to alleviate the constant pressure felt by villagers in this area due to shortages of water, as well as maintain the environment for future generations.

The current area selected by LSS lags behind in terms of education, technical education and job opportunities. The basic facilities for education, health and electricity are also poor in the whole selected area. LSS encourages the villagers to come out of their houses and to work together for their development and actively participate in the ongoing developmental processes.

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